Your Guide on How to Mount a TV

Your Guide on How to Mount a TV

how to mount a TV

So, you’ve just got a brand new TV? It must be a really nice one if you are looking to hang it on your wall. Before you invite the whole crew to watch a game, you’ll need to find a big enough space on the wall to mount the TV.

If it’s a big TV, you will want to do it correctly. You could end up causing some serious damage to it if it falls. Installing your TV mount comes with plenty of do’s and don’ts, and this guide is going to teach you about wall mounts and how to set a TV mount at the appropriate height on your wall.

Before we get started, we’ll need the right tools. Most of these supplies can be found at your local Home Depot. Ready to shop?


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  • Tape Measures
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  • Stud Finders
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  • Standard Level
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  • Twist Drill Bits
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  • Power Drills
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If you don’t already have a TV mount for your television, we recommend the following:

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How to Wall Mount a TV

wall mount a TV

Select a TV Mount

As you’ve probably already found out, there is more than one type of TV wall mount.

  • Fixed TV mounts hold the television in a fixed position, flush against the wall. 
  • Swivel TV mounts let the screen pivot to the left and to the right to provide more viewing access within a room.
  • Tilting TV wall mounts allow the screen to tilt down for better viewing.
  • Full-motion TV wall mounts allow you to adjust the television in all angles manually. 

No matter what type you prefer, installing a TV wall mount is pretty standard. However, there may be size and weight limits for the mounting hardware. Check the product specifications to confirm that your TV is compatible with the brackets.

Pick Location and Height

Installing a TV mount on the wall requires a little bit of preparation before you start drilling holes in your wall.

  • Make sure you have easy access to power outlets and cable input sources.
  • Consider where accessories, such as cable boxes, gaming consoles, and speakers, will be placed.
  • Choose a sturdy wall. The wall must be able to reliably support the combined weight of the equipment and the attached hardware and accessories.

How high you should mount the TV on the wall is a big question for most people. To find the optimal height, position the bottom of the TV no higher than your eye level when seated, and the top of the TV no higher than eye level when standing. Work within these limits to find the most comfortable viewing experience that works for the room.

Here are some tricks to help find the right height and test the TV mount location and height before installing it.

  • Cut out a piece of cardboard the approximate size of your TV and hang it on the wall where you want your TV.
  • Tape it to the wall. 
  • Test out the viewing experience from different locations around the room. 

Locate Studs

Remember that stud finder in our shopping cart? Once you’ve chosen an ideal location to hang your TV on the wall, run a stud finder along the top of the cardboard. Find the two studs in your wall that will support the TV. Mark the location of each stud’s center with a pencil or use a nail to confirm. 

Do not use hollow-wall anchors; these will not support the weight of the television.

NOTE: If you are mounting a TV to a brick wall, skip this section. Instead, use masonry anchors when fastening the mount to the wall.

 Mark Your Findings

  • Mark with a pencil where the corners of the TV will be and take off the cardboard. 
  • Calculate the distance between the top and bottom holes on each TV mounting arm. Mark two points in the middle of each wall stud, corresponding to these holes. 
  • Use a level to make sure the mounting holes for each arm are even.

Place the Wall Mount

  • Hold the TV mount brackets up against the wall, using the level to make sure it’s even. 
  • Get a friend to help you hold the wall mount.

NOTE: Check that the mounting holes are level twice before drilling into the wall.

Start Drilling Pilot Holes

Utilize the drill to make pilot holes into studs along where you’ve set the marks for mounting.

Attach the Mount to the Wall

  • Have a friend hold the mount on the wall where you’ve pierced the pilot holes.
  • Use the drill to drive the screws to secure the mount to the wall. 
  • Confirm again that it’s level once mounted. 

NOTE: Drill in each screw partially and check that they are level before fully tightening them all the way in.

Attach the Mounting Plate

Following the hardware’s manufacturer directions, fasten the mounting plate to the back of the TV.

Mount TV to the Wall

  • Follow the manufacturer’s directions to mount your TV to the wall.
  • Triple-check that the wall plate is securely attached to the TV plate.

Get Cover Cords (Optional)

After you’ve successfully mounted your television, use a cord cover to conceal the cables hanging from the bottom of the TV. You’re all set! Plug-in your accessories and consoles and get the band together.


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