What Are Vulkan Runtime Libraries?

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What are VulkanRT or Vulkan Runtime Libraries? How did it get on my computer? Do I need to get rid of it? These are common questions, and we have the answers. Read on for everything you need to know about Vulkan Runtime Libraries.

What Exactly Is Vulkan Runtime Libraries?

VulkanRT is a graphics standard, comparable to DirectX or OpenGL. It aims to provide efficient, cross-platform access to modern graphics processing units in devices, such as smartphones, video game consoles, and laptops or desktops computers.

VulkanRT in an application programming interface (API) that was developed by the Khronos group and is designed to increase the performance of 3D gaming. If your graphics card comes from NVIDIA, Intel, or AMD, it’s almost certain that Vulkan Run Time Libraries will be included with the tools that the card automatically installs on your computer.

VulkanRT was announced at a game developers’ conference in 2015, so it may have been on your PC much longer than you realize.

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Is Vulkan Malicious?

No, Vulkan RT is not malicious. It’s not a virus, it’s not a piece of malware, and it’s not waiting to pop something nasty into your system. There has been a touch of controversy, with some users linking a particular virus that was difficult to remove. However, there is no link at all between the virus and VulkanRT, and removing it will not help protect your computer in any way.

There’s a sick feeling you get when seeing something appear on your computer that you’re sure you didn’t install and that is never a good feeling. However, VulkanRT is not harmful at all and has an excellent reason for being on your PC. It helps balance CPU and GPU usage and is created to work better with multi-core CPUs than older APIs.

How Did Vulkan RT Get Installed On My PC?

There are a few ways VulkanRT could have made its way onto your computer, and they are all closely linked:

·         You’ve recently installed a new graphics card.

·         You’ve recently updated the drivers for your graphics card.

·         You’ve downloaded a game that required VulkanRT, and that download carried the feature as an update.

It’s also highly possible that VulkanRT has been on your PC this whole time, and you’ve never noticed it before, especially if you rarely check the contents of your apps/programs and features section. Removing it will only negatively affect your PC, as VulkanRT is designed to increase performance.

Should I Remove Vulkan Run Time Libraries?

There’s no need to remove Vulkan Run Time Libraries from your PC. Although it might seem like it is in Programs and Features just taking up space, it could actually be having a significant impact on the graphics on your PC- especially if you’re a gamer.

One of the key features of VulkanRT is it promotes lower CPU usage while playing games with high-quality 3D graphics. Lower CPU usage means less latency or judder, less overheating, and less rendering time. Some games might not work without it at all, so removing it could actually cause you real problems.

Also, if you decide to uninstall Vulkan Run Time Libraries then later decide you want it again, it could be tricky to get it back on without completely reinstalling all the drivers for your graphics card. VulkanRT cannot be installed independently at this time.

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How to Uninstall VulkanRT

If you’ve read all this and are still adamant that you want to remove Vulkan Run Time Libraries, then it absolutely is possible. It’s not recommended, as the graphics card you’re using clearly has the compatibility for VulkanRT, and as such, may need this functionality at some point. However, if you really wish to remove it, it’s quite a simple process:

1.     Go to “Settings” or if you’re using Classic View, “Control Panel”

2.     Select “Apps and Features” or “Uninstall a Program”

3.     Simply scroll to Vulkan Run Time Libraries, click on it and select “Uninstall”

Alternatively, simply press the Windows key and R together to open the Run window. Type in appwiz.cpl and press OK. This will bring up the list of all programs and features installed on your computer. Right-click on Vulkan Run Time Libraries and select Uninstall. Confirm you want to go ahead and do this, and Windows should launch the Uninstall Wizard, which is a very easy step by step process to follow.

The best advice is to leave VulkanRT where it is. It’s definitely not malicious, it’s not doing your PC any harm, and it could be needed for some types of graphics.

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