How to Transfer Photos from Android to Your Computer

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Once upon a time, people would snap a picture on their camera, drop the film off to be developed, and then wait for the physical images to be ready. Today, however, you can snap a pic on our phone and put it online, to be seen by all of your friends, almost immediately. There are some pictures; however, that can’t just stay on your phone. But how do you transfer photos from Android to PC? Whether you have a picture that you want to preserve because it’s a great memory or just a great shot, here are a few tips on transferring a phone image, or several, from your Android to your laptop.

Why Transfer:

Before we dive into the details of how to transfer pictures from Android phone to computer, here are a few reasons you might want to:

·  Photo gallery for articles

·  Cache of photos for social media posting

·   Transferring provides extra backup for your images. After all, multiple backups are the best way to store photos that are important.

·   If you transfer photos from Android to PC or Mac, you’ll have more space for new photos.

Transfer Files from Android to USB Drive

How to Transfer Files from Android to USB Drive

Unless your Android is extremely old, it probably came with a USB cable that allows you to connect your phone to your computer for file transfers. For most Androids, the USB cable can also connect to a pronged plug for charging.

This method is one of the easiest since it requires minimal setup and because you only need your charging cable and your PC or Mac.

Windows Import Pictures and Videos:

If you have a PC, you are probably running some version of Windows. As soon as you connect the USB port, you’ll be prompted to with options that will allow you to choose what happens to the device. From there, you can choose to import your photos.

Take Advantage of Photos on Windows 10:

If you are running Windows 10, you can also use the Photos program to import your photos; simply open photos, find “import,” and from there, it will give you the options to import from a USB device.

Drag and Drop from Windows to PC:

You can also go to This PC, File Explorer, and choose your device. From there, look for a folder labeled either Camera, Pictures, or DCIM. This option is neat because it’ll allow you to drag and drop photos onto your desktop or into a chosen folder. This will allow you to copy the selected pictures without the risk of deleting them on your phone.

How to Upload Photos to Google Drive from Android

Google Drive is another convenient option, which will also allow you to backup your photos. Most Androids come with access to Google Drive, which will enable you to keep your files stored and synced to the cloud while also maintaining your privacy. To transfer pictures from Android to PC via Google drive, you simply need to go into your Android settings and make sure that your images are being backed up via Google Drive. Then, you can access the images by connecting to the drive on your PC. If you’ve never used Google Drive, you may need to set it up from your phone and create a password.

Use Your Wi-fi to Transfer Pictures from Android to PC

How to Transfer Pictures from Android to PC With The Help of Wi-Fi

The Droid Transfer app allows you to windows import pictures and videos using the app and our wi-fi signal. You’ll need to download the Droid Transfer app onto your PC and get the Transfer Companion App on your Android via the Google Play Store. Once both are downloaded, scan the Droid Transfer QR Code with the Companion App. This will link your phone and your laptop and allow you to copy as many photos as you like.

How to Download Google Photos to PC

Google Photos gives you another easy-transfer option. Open your google photos, select which photos you want to download and hit the Download button.

How to Download Pictures from Phone to Computer for Mac users

Some people say that Androids and Macs aren’t compatible and that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything that will “communicate” between the two devices. This is simply untrue.

Consider Wondershare:

Wondershare is an app that allows you to back up all aspects of your Android device and to seamlessly transfer photos from your Android to your Mac. The downside, the app costs $35. The upside? You’ll be able to back up everything on your phone.

Tap Into the Google File Transfer:

If you have an Android that’s version 3.0 or newer and are running Mac OSx 10.5 or later, you can use the Google File Transfer feature. While the Google File Transfer doesn’t have the features of an app, it makes transferring software easy and has a 4 GB storage limit.

Options That Work With Mac and PC


Dropbox is a good answer for how to transfer photos from Samsung to a computer regardless of whether you are using a Mac or a PC. You can get a free Dropbox account or pay for more cloud storage space.


If you only need to transfer one photo, email may be a convenient option. Simply send the photo to yourself as an attachment on your phone and open it from your computer. While you’re at it, you can email the picture to friends or family.

Takeaways and Extra Tips

How to transfer pictures from Android to PC

There are plenty of ways, but USB is probably the easiest and most intuitive

How to transfer photos from Android to Android

There are several ways. You can send photos as a message or email if you’re sending it to friends. For larger file transfers, go into the photo tab and select which photos to export.

Do I need to pay to transfer photos?

No. While there are a few great apps that you can buy, there are plenty of free ways to transfer your photos

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