How You Can Hide TV Wires and Others

Isaac Fernandez

How You Can Hide TV Wires and Others

Technology has become the dominant feature of the modern home, but as rooms are increasingly filled with TVs, cable boxes, gaming systems, and smart home devices, it’s easy for your home to become a mess of cords and wires. Not only is this unsightly, but it can also be dangerous too.

If you feel as though your living space is being overrun with unsightly cords, don’t fret! From quick fixes to decorative ideas to more involved projects, here are a few options to hide tv wires.  

Conceal With a Wire Cover 

Wall wire covers are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to keep TV cable, home security camera or desktop computer tower wires hidden without drilling holes in your wall. Before purchasing cable covers, you should consider: 

  • The wires’ route. This is important for determining which shape is right for you. For example, will your cover need to fit around corners, between the floor and the wall, run up the wall, etc.? 
  • The length of the wires you wish to conceal and the measurement of the area the wire covers will need to extend through so that you get the correct amount of wire cover. 
  • The type of cover that will be best for the project: For example, if you wish to avoid sawing off extra material and your cables will run in a relatively straightforward route, a flexible cable solution will save you time.

Another DIY option is to use a shower rod as a wall wire cover for your mounted TV. 

Hide TV Wires Behind Furniture 

Furniture may be the easiest “wire hider” when it comes to getting TV cables out of sight. It is also the most cost-effective if you use the furniture you already own. There are a few ways to keep cords organized and hide TV wires behind your TV stand.  

  • Command hooks: Stick several hooks to the back of your furniture and use them to hang the wires off of the floor. 
  • Cable ties: Use ties to bundle cords together and then snip off loose ends for an easy cable hider that keeps things tidy.
  • Wire mesh: Hang wire mesh behind the furniture and use hooks or ties to attach the cords to the mesh. 
  • Use furniture legs: This is an optimal cord hider for tables and sleek furniture. Run the wires behind the legs so that they are not visible from other parts of the room.  

Use a Basket 

A stylish basket is a great option for a decorative cord concealer. Simply gather the TV cable wires together, use velcro or a cable tie to string them through the basket handles, and place the basket under the TV stand. 

cord concealer

Hide TV Wires Behind Walls  

A neater, but a more involved cable concealer is to run wires behind the wall itself with an in-wall power kit. The system is prewired and comes with two low-voltage power modules that can accommodate multiple cable wires. Once installed, simply plug your equipment into the modules for completely hidden TV cables. 

It is important to note that it is against fire code in many states to simply drill holes in your wall and run cords behind it. Because the in-wall power kit is low voltage, it is compliant with fire codes


If you want to enjoy technology in your home, cord and wires are unavoidable. There are a variety of ways you can keep cables from being an eyesore in your home. When determining the best option to hide the wires in your space, you should consider the room’s layout, the “look” you’d like to achieve, and how much of an investment you are willing to make. 

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