Beginner’s Guide to Connecting Two Computers Together

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If you’re working with more than one computer, you may want to link the two together. Whether it’s to share an Internet connection or transmit files back and forth through each machine, connecting two computers has many advantages. Read on to find out more about how you can successfully connect two computers together and better your working experience.

What Are the Benefits of Connecting Two Monitors?

What Are the Benefits of Connecting Two Monitors?

There are a few benefits to connecting two computers together:

  • File sharing
  • Resource sharing
  • Sharing an Internet connection
  • Increasing storage capacity

File Sharing

Connecting two computers or monitors together will allow you to easily retrieve data from one and place it on the other. File sharing is made simpler when the computers are linked together, especially when it comes to very large files that are not easy to transfer.

Resource Sharing

Connecting two computers is also a very cost-effective way of maximizing shared resources that are connected through a common network. For example, it can allow both computers to access external devices through the network, like printers, scanners, or copiers.

Sharing an Internet Connection

Both machines can utilize a single Internet connection once the two have been linked together. This can help reduce Internet bills and make for more efficient use of your connection.

Increasing Storage Capacity

When two machines are linked, it’s almost as though you are running one bigger machine. The storage capacity is now doubled as you have access to the storage capacity of each individual device, accessible by either or.

How to Connect Two Computers

There are three ways to connect two computers to one another:

  • With a cable
  • With a cable through an infrastructure (power line, Ethernet, etc.)
  • Wirelessly

Connecting Two Computers with a Cable

Here’s a closer look at how you can connect two computers together using a cable.

Ethernet Cable Connection

The easiest way to go about this is to use a crossover Ethernet cable. This will require the least amount of external equipment and hardware. Plus, it is the best way to get a solid and reliable connection. If one computer has an Ethernet adapter and the other has a USB, the crossover cable can be used to make the link between the two.

USB Connection

You can use an ordinary USB cable 2.0 or more recent to connect two computers together. With Type-A connectors, you can connect the two computers together quite easily. You just need to ensure that both computers are suited to this type of jack, both have the same network settings and you understand computer specs.

Serial and Parallel Connections

This is also called a Direct Cable, and it operates through Windows. They are quite reliable and comparable to Ethernet cables. However, they are limited to linking only two computers together. If you need to link more, this is not the ideal solution for you.

Connecting Two Computers with a Cable Through Infrastructure

This method is ideal if you are looking to connect 10 or more computers. It is not recommended for hundreds of computers, but 10 is a good number to keep in mind. You will need two network cables for this method, one connecting each computer to the common fixture, which can be hubs, switches, routers, phone lines, or power lines in the wall.

Connecting Two Computers Wirelessly

This method requires no additional tools or devices. The two devices can be connected through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Infrared connections. The only roadblock here is that it requires both computers to be in close proximity to one another so that they can both connect effortlessly to the same wireless connection. Otherwise, the connection will not be possible.

Connecting Different Devices

It’s not always the same process when connecting different types of devices. For example, connecting computer to TV, laptops to desktops, or monitors to other monitors are not exactly the same.

Connecting Two Monitors

To connect two monitors, you will need to connect them both to the same computer through a cable. Once both monitors are connected, go to Display Settings or Screen Resolution in Windows to set up Dual Monitors.

Connecting a Laptop to a Laptop

Connecting two laptops can be achieved through a wireless connection or by using a CAT-5 cable to connect the two devices.

Connecting Laptop to a Desktop

You can connect an HDMI cable from your desktop to your laptop’s HDMI port. Then you’ll need to configure the Display Settings in Windows to allow for the dual monitor setup.

How to Connect Two Computers Wirelessly With Windows 10

Connecting Two Computers

If your system is operating with Windows 10, here is a step-by-step guide you can use to connect your machines:

1. Make sure you have a network interface card (NIC), wireless network antenna, and a router. Disconnect from the Internet and disable any firewalls you have set up.

2. Setup the wireless network router.

3. Using the Wireless Network Setup Wizard, add computers and devices to the network.

4. Connect to a local network.

5. Share drives and folders on the local network.

6. Run a network test.

7. Enable Internet access.

What Do I Need to Create a Network?

The first thing you’ll need to do is create a list of the type of connections you are capable of doing with your specific devices. Once you have determined this, you can make a list of the items you will need to complete the connection.

The Bottom Line

There are many advantages to connecting two or more computers together, especially when working with large files or working from home. If you are having any difficulty with the above-mentioned steps, don’t get too creative. Look up troubleshooting recommendations for your specific products. When in doubt, discuss it with a computer technician.

The idea is to create a connection that will make your life easier. However, sometimes, unforeseen events can block you from completing your connection. If such occurs, be sure to try all recommended tips for your hardware to make sure you are not overlooking tiny details that are preventing you from completing.

However, in most cases, connecting two devices together is much easier than it appears. Follow the steps, and in a few minutes, you’ll be working more efficiently than ever.

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