How to Clean Your TV Screen

How to Clean Your TV Screen

clean your TV screen

Cleaning your TV screen isn’t like cleaning a window or mirror. While the surface may be glass (in some cases), TV screens, especially LCD and Plasma TV screens, are sensitive and hold sophisticated technology that can be permanently damaged if you clean them improperly.

Put that bottle of glass cleaner down and read the below tips to ensure you are cleaning your TV screen properly.

Can I Use Windex on a Flat Screen TV?

No! Cleaners like Windex contain alcohol and ammonia. These chemicals can cause irreversible damage and should never be used to clean an LCD screen or any TV. Additionally, that Windex-soaked paper towel will leave behind tiny pieces of paper that will mess up your display.

How to Clean an LCD Screen

how to clean an LCD screen

Use a Soft, Dry Cloth

To prevent scratches and damage, the best way to clean a TV screen is with a soft, dry microfiber cloth – similar to what you use to clean your glasses or camera lenses. Gently wipe the screen in a circular motion. Your TV may even come with its own cleaning cloth. Avoid pressing down too hard, as this might cause the pixels to burn out, leaving dark spots on your screen. 

Turn Off Your TV

Always turn off your TV before cleaning it. This is much safer than cleaning the TV while it is on, but a dark screen will enable you to see any dirt, dust, or finger smudges more easily.  

Use Water if Needed

If your screen is still smudged after you wipe it with a dry cloth, use plain water to dampen the cloth and then wipe the screen. Do not ever apply liquids directly to the screen; this may cause moisture to penetrate the TV and damage the technology inside. 

You Don’t Need to Purchase a “Cleaning Kit”

When considering what to use to clean a TV screen, you may be tempted to purchase a special “TV Screen Cleaning Kit.” While they won’t harm your TV, they are largely unnecessary and overpriced. They usually come with a simple microfiber cloth and a small bottle of cleaning solution that is mostly water. Instead, buy a cloth at an office supply store and use water to clean your screen.

Don’t Forget the Remote!

Your TV remote control is constantly being touched, meaning it can hold many germs and bacteria. To clean, spray a soft cloth with alcohol diluted with water and wipe down your remote. Use a cotton swab dipped in diluted alcohol to clean around the buttons. 


Like any other household item, TVs get dusty and dirty. However, to protect your investment, the sophisticated technology must be handled – and cleaned – with care. If you have any doubts about the best method for cleaning your TV, consult the owner’s manual for best practices. Using cleaning methods or products that are warned against in your owner’s manual could void your warranty.


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