Best Virus Protection for Chromebook in 2020

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If you own a Chromebook or plan on buying one, you’re no stranger to the positive reviews of how impressive the laptop is. Chromebook runs on a Linux-based operating system called Chrome OS. While Chromebook laptops are popular for their blazing-fast performance and the diverse selection of apps, their defense system is a concern for many users.

News about Chromebook laptops’ level of protection has been circulating for a while now. While some experts insist that the OS is the most secure operating system on the market, others claim it is exposed to attacks as Chromebook laptops don’t require antiviruses. 

It’s a “better to be safe than sorry” situation. Whether or not you believe that your Chromebook is good to go without installing antivirus software to keep it protected, you should always consider it.

We get it, just like any other operating system, added security for Chromebook is a sensible investment. Below is a comprehensive list of the best virus protection for chromebook in 2020.

Chromebook Antivirus Pros and Cons

Chromebook Antivirus Pros and Cons


  • Safeguard against viruses: People download and open attachments from emails or click ad links on various websites all too often. Accessing those shady websites carries viruses along with them.
  • Firewall: A firewall feature safeguards an individual’s computer network through packet filtering and provides security measures at the application level. Also, it prevents hackers from accessing sensitive information on your laptop.
  • Security from spyware: Antivirus software can further protect your laptop from spyware and identity theft. 
  • Protection online: Antivirus software will keep your information safe from hackers who may gain access to stuff like credit card information or bank accounts.


  • May slow down the system:  Antivirus software takes a lot of hard disk space and computer memory in the Chromebook. As a mild side effect, this might slow down your laptop.

Best Antivirus for Chromebook

TotalAV – Maximum Virus Protection

Free Version: Yes

Premium Version: $99/year

TotalAV is one of the best cybersecurity companies in the world. It consistently gets high ratings from antivirus test labs due to its superior level of malware detection and a multitude of other valuable security features. One great benefit of TotalAV is that it provides all sorts of security for your Chromebook, including:

  • Heuristic monitoring for ransomware protection
  • Protection for online shopping or web surfing
  • Anti-Phishing protection 
  • Worm and virus control

The best part? TotalAV will have less impact on your PC, even while performing a full scan.

ESET Antivirus – Ideal for Beginners

Free Version: No (30-day trial)

Premium Version: $39.99 per year

ESET Antivirus is intuitive and surprisingly easy to use. ESET Antivirus’s key feature is its real-time malware protection. Similarly to most of its products, ESET uses both advanced heuristics and signature virus detection to identify imminent threats in its Smart Security Premium. 

Security measures include:

  • Hunting for viruses and malware through its cloud-based file reputation service. 
  • Ensuring the virus signatures are always updated. 
  • Analyzing the files on your Chromebook to weed out infected files and remove them from the system.

Besides its well-optimized malware scanner, ESET also comes with a network scanner designed to check for vulnerabilities on your Wi-Fi network. Furthermore, it comes with an anti-theft feature to protect you from fishy websites and a security audit feature to analyze all your apps to check if they are safe.

Avira – Best Ransomware Protection

Free Version: Yes

Paid Version: $39.99

Avira is yet another famous cybersecurity company worth considering. The antivirus software prized the 2019 winner of AVs test Top Product Award. For almost half the price of TotalAV’s, Avira is a great antivirus and security software and is the best antivirus when it comes to ransomware protection. 

Aside from scanning external devices, local files, and apps for malware, the built-in ransomware also keeps you protected from attacks. Furthermore, Avira protects your identity by tracking data breaches for your data, automatically ranks apps according to privacy concerns.

Unlike many other security vendors, Avira utilizes a sensor network, given its global clientele. This feature helps identify threats as they emerge across the world in real-time. 

Another great feature is the software`s ability to block suspicious links, hindering way to questionable sites, and highlighting fishy results in your search engine list.

Bitdefender – Best VPN service

Free Version: Yes

Premium Version: $23.99

One of Bitdefender’s top features is its built-in VPN that is available on both premium and free versions. It utilizes the services and servers of AnchorFree while maintaining security on its own. The software runs applications through a safe environment to make sure they work optimally.

Furthermore, Bitdefender offers a monitoring feature that informs you if your email is compromised in a data breach and an autopilot feature that patches security holes. Other features include a key manager, vulnerability scanner, and a protected browser.

Malwarebytes – Perfect for Privacy Protection

Free Version: Yes

Premium Version: $29.99

Malwarebytes provides strong protection against malware as well as adware. Along with your built-in Chromebook security, Malwarebytes will supplement an extra wall to your protection with heuristic scanning artificial intelligence and general scanning.

While the software includes some malware and signatures, they`re limited to specific ongoing threats. This allows Malwarebytes to have a much more compact footprint on your system.

Furthermore, the software uses high-level heuristic analysis, which examines a program’s behavior, structure, and other constituents to determine whether it’s a malware or a legit application.

One last reason why we believe Malwarebytes to be one of the best Chromebook antiviruses is due to its privacy audit feature. This feature allows you to access the privileges of each app. 

When you activate this feature, the software gives you a complete list of permissions along with specific information about which apps have control over your hardware, track your location, and have access to your network and information.  


Chromebooks come with virus and malware protection, with thick layers of security, meaning they are pretty safe right out of the box. Above is a comprehensive list of the five best antiviruses for Chromebook to help keep your laptop as safe as possible. 

Although Chrome OS is perfectly capable of taking on any cyber threats, you still need to be careful while surfing the web. There is a significant risk in depending on its built-in security features. So offer your Chromebook all the security it deserves to avoid malware, viruses, and scams by installing antivirus software now.

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