Best Self Monitored Home Security System of 2020

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You may have heard of self-monitoring security systems, but do you know how they work and how they can benefit you? Read on to find out what self-monitored security systems are and which ones are the best of 2020!

What Is a Self-Monitored Home Security System?

What Is a Self-Monitored Home Security System

A self-monitored security system differs from a traditional security system. They may have the same sensors and gadgets, but an external company doesn’t supervise a self-monitored security system. You manage it!

Through an app on your phone, you can verify what is going on, why an alarm is ringing, and then decide if you should report it to the authorities. The primary benefit of monitoring it yourself is the minimal monthly fees if any.

Instead of a security alarm company representative calling you and then alerting the police, you can look in to see exactly what is going on and figure out if a call to the police is warranted.

Best Self-Monitored Home Security System

There are quite a few self-monitored home security systems on the market. Here’s a look at some of the industry’s best.

SimpliSafe Security System

The SimpliSafe self-monitoring home alarm system is one of the top-rated systems of the year! There are a few reasons why SimpliSafe is one of the top options on the market:

  1. It is easy to install.
  2. SimpliSafe is the most affordable.
  3. Sensors responded very well to consumer tests.
  4. It has refined hardware at no extra cost.
  5. It offers all the same security features of a traditional alarm system, without the monthly fees.

Abode Security System

This self-monitored home security system comes with all the bells and whistles. It includes motion sensors, wireless radios, a 1080p camera, a built-in siren, and Google and Alexa compatibility. This system can be entirely managed from your mobile device.

The same as SimpliSafe, it covers all your bases and gives you a lens into what is happening at home when an alarm goes off.

Abode vs. SimpliSafe

The main difference between the Abode and SimpliSafe security systems is the price tag. The all-in-one Abode system comes with a significantly higher price tag than the SimpliSafe self-monitoring security system. SimpliSafe has a moderate monthly fee, but the system is less expensive. Abode is pricier, but it has a minimal monthly fee.

Wyze Sense

The Wyze Sense, self-monitoring security system, is as affordable as they come – literally! At $20 to $30 for a complete system, it’s the lowest price on the market! The initial kit includes door and motion sensors, and you can also purchase additional cameras. It is a basic system, but it is considered very good for the value.

Given the price, it’s definitely worth buying to try out for yourself. As the Wyze Sensor is relatively new on the market, there are sure to be excellent new updates in the coming years. You’ll definitely want to keep your eye on this brand.

Brinks Security System

The Brinks Security System allows you the option of self-installation, but it isn’t a self-monitoring system. Though you install it, it is professionally monitored for a monthly fee.

SimpliSafe vs. Nest

Nest is another self-monitoring home security option that ranks high with customers all over America. It is slightly more expensive than SimpliSafe, but it offers more smart home devices. This means the choice will really depend on your desire to have a device-powered home.

You can connect all of your devices through Nest and monitor your home yourself, no matter where you are.

Ring Security System vs. SimpliSafe

The much talked about Ring Alarm vs. SimpliSafe comes down to is the ability to monitor your home yourself. SimpliSafe allows you to monitor from your mobile device and act accordingly. The Ring Security System is just as easy to install and also includes camera devices, but it offers a professional monitoring system.

You can view from the Ring camera on your mobile device, but you can’t always assess what is happening if you only have one camera. It may be difficult to diagnose the problem for yourself with the Ring Security system.

The Pros of a Self-Monitoring Alarm System

The major benefit to a self-monitoring alarm system is the cost savings. With little to no monthly fees, it is a much more affordable way to keep your home safe. Plus, you don’t have to deal with any middlemen. You can decide what you want your system to include and how much you want to pay.

You won’t have to worry about false alarm penalties either. The alerts you receive are free of charge, and you can decide whether or not to call the authorities to report an incident. Self-monitoring systems are also easy to install, easy to manage, and simple to monitor on your phone or other devices.

The Cons of Self-Monitoring Alarm Systems

Of course, there are always cons to anything. The main drawback here is that you have no backup. If your device is out of range and you can’t get a signal, you will not be able to monitor your home. You will also have to make the judgment call to phone local authorities or not.

However, you have the autonomy to decide for yourself and choose what you think is best. Think about how many times you have received an alarm notification, and it turned out to be nothing at all.

The Bottom Line

The decision to go with a self-monitoring home security system is not just about money. Yes, you can save on fees, but the real benefit is that your home is in your control. You can view your home at all times and access it from anywhere. You can check in on pets or teenagers at home and stay in contact.

Choosing the right self-monitoring alarm system means choosing a system that you feel comfortable with and confident in. Today, there are tons of options for great self-monitoring security systems. Whether your primary concern is better views or easy accessibility, the decision is entirely yours!

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