The Best 240hz Monitors 2019

The Best 240hz Monitors 2019

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In the world of gaming, few things are as important as your monitor’s refresh rate. Luckily, there is some great hardware on the market today — and one of those hardware upgrades to consider includes a 240hz gaming monitor.

Why Buy a 240hz Monitor?

With the rise of e-Sports and online gaming, it’s becoming increasingly more important for those serious and competitive gamers to have every advantage possible over their competitors. While the software is an integral part of the gaming arena, serious gamers cannot ignore their hardware.

A new 240hz gaming monitor comes with a high refresh rate, which could mean the difference between winning and losing in the e-Sports arena. It might not be necessary for a casual PC gamer, but the speed and a high refresh rate are two things that, for serious gamers, shouldn’t be ignored.

Your monitor’s refresh rate tells you how many times per second it can refresh the displayed image. This also dictates how many frames per second that monitor can display. A monitor with a 240hz refresh rate refreshes 240 times per second.

240hz Monitor Pros

Because of the higher refresh rate and greater speed and accuracy, a 240hz monitor vs. a 144hz is, in short, generally going to be better than its latter counterpart. The difference isn’t necessarily a large one, but it’s true that motion looks more fluid on a 240hz monitor. Animation also looks smoother, and 240hz monitors won’t come with as much ghosting or blurring.

Additionally, your mouse movements might feel more responsive. This is advantageous because it improves your mechanical skills. According to Gaming Feature, “240Hz gaming monitors that deliver even more information on the screen and can reduce the time it takes for a graphics card to push an image and for it to pop up on your screen to 4ms.” The speed difference is undeniable.

240hz Monitor Cons

Even the best 240hz monitor is limited to TN technology. That means you will have to deal with limited vibrancy and viewing angles, which is a trade-off for speed. Now, speed does matter more in the moment, but vibrancy and angles are still sacrifices when it comes to choosing a 240Hh monitor.

These gaming monitors also are typically limited to a 1920×1080 resolution. The problem here is that 4K is all the rage these days, and there is currently no such thing as a 4K 240hz monitor. While 1080p is good for everyday and casual gaming — plus, it’s easier on GPUs — you won’t get the sharper and more precise details. Additionally, a 240hz monitor isn’t cheap, often costing upwards of $300.

The Best 240hz Monitors on the Market Today

There are so many options on the market today, and everyone has his or her own opinion and preferences regarding the best 240hz monitor. Here are a few that, under general consensus, are among the best 240hz monitors in 2019.

Alienware 240hz Monitor

Many users agree that Alienware is one of the best 240hz monitors, according to multiple Reddit threads. The Alienware 240hz monitor is among the most recommended products for the best 240hz monitor on Reddit threads.

Part of the Alienware 25 Series, the Alienware AW2518HF, features a 25-inch screen with a 1ms response time. It has frequently been hailed as one of the nicest-looking monitors available, with a very high refresh rate, ergonomic stand, and FreeSync compatibility.


The BenQ ZOWIE monitor is one of the most consistently hailed 240hz monitors around. This monitor has an extremely high refresh rate and seamlessly combines size and resolution. It also features sun-blocking panels. The saturation is adjustable, it doesn’t take up too much space, and it has versatile connectivity.

LG 27GK750-B

If you’re looking for a 240hz monitor with a 27-inch screen, look no further than this monitor by LG. This is one of the largest display monitors available, and it has a small but sturdy stand. According to Games Learning Society, it performs very well and provides amazing graphics, as well as significantly reducing motion blur. Overall, it’s a great option if you’re in the market for a widescreen 240hz monitor.

Acer XF250Q

One of the best options out there for those erring on the side of budgetary restraints, this Acer monitor is an excellent choice. The Acer XF250Q costs just under $250, and although it’s a FreeSync monitor, it’s also G-Sync compatible. This monitor has a 25-inch screen and features a TN panel, a 1ms response time, and 1080P resolution.

ViewSonic XG2530

ViewSonic’s monitor is FreeSync compatible, and at just more than $300, it is among the cheapest FreeSync 240hz monitors available. It boasts a 1ms response time, a 3-year warranty, and an ergonomically designed stand. While it doesn’t quite have the picture quality that its XG2530 sister monitor comes with, it’s not a massive difference, and it’s a great value monitor.


Referred to by many gaming blogs as “the beast,” this ASUS monitor is flashy and looks the part. It has a unique-looking stand with customizable lighting that emits from underneath. It is G-sync/FreeSync compatible, has a 1ms response time, and the coveted high refresh rate.

Samsung 27″ CRG5

One of the best options for a 240hz 27-inch widescreen gaming monitor is Samsung’s 240hz monitor, which features a sleek and curved design. Coming in at around $400, its G-sync compatibility reduces image tears, stuttering, and screen lag. Additionally, it features Eye Saver Mode, which minimizes blue light to make gaming for extended periods of time easier on the eyes.


With dozens of 240hz gaming monitors available across the market, it can be tough to choose the one that’s right for you. The best place to begin is considering your needs and wish list when it comes to purchasing a new monitor. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much speed do I need?
  • Am I more of a casual or competitive gamer?
  • How important are the minute, sharp details of my game’s imagery?
  • How big do I need my monitor to be?
  • What is my budget?
  • What type of compatibility do I need to be looking for?

Take a look around on Reddit, your favorite search engine, and reputable gamers and gaming blogs to gather as much information as you can, and make an informed decision customized to your needs and wants. No matter what brand or model you choose, the most important thing is that it serves the purpose that you’ll be using it for.

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